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11 December 2016 @ 09:26 pm
The best of them all  
Fandom: Hetalia Axis Powers.
Title: The best of them all
Claim: Liam (Kirkland) (Northern Ireland).
Summary: Liam has had many masters and mistresses before, but he had never felt compelled to offer his help out of his own volition. None of them had ever showed any sign of kindness either, until now. It's ironic how Liam's favourite Master is the only one who refuses his magic.
Prompt: #01 - I believe in the magic of words.
Notes: This chapter is strongly focused on Liam and his memories of his life before his new Master -- and his life with his new Master as well. I probably should start the "Liam/Arthur" fandom because I haven't read a proper hetalia fanfic in over two years by now.

Something changed between them.

Liam notices because he’s smart and has a keen eye to see through people. He's always been smart, perceptive. Being a djinn helps, because Liam can see the heart’s deepest secrets, the forbidden desires. Nothing is really hidden for him and because of that sometimes looking at his new Master is painful.

His Master’s heart is a raw, pulsating organ covered in wounds that never healed, but he’s so used to the pain by now that it hardly matters. Master carries his heart inside his ribcage, both a prison and protection from the wild, dangerous organ.

Liam hasn’t told him that his masks don’t have a point with him. He can see through them all – the indifferent, the stubborn, the prideful man, the strong man who refuses to lay down even as he’s bleeding to death. And inside of them all, Liam can see the loneliness, the neglected child, the abused little brother, and the resignation to be himself and his own.

“Master~~” he whines, softly against the window pane of his Master’s bedroom. “You’re so difficult to please,”

His Master is a contradictory creature. He bleeds, yet he’s strong. He hurts, yet he never yields. He’s alone, but lately, Liam has noticed how his Master seems rather…happy, softer ever, as if one of his layers had finally been peeled away, leaving something new and different underneath.

It started a few weeks ago, when he returned home with takeaway and allowed himself to sit in front of the telly, dragging Liam to watch one of those ‘awful TV shows’ and they stayed up until three a.m. watching ‘Sherlock’.

His Master had been happy and Liam had been happy too.

But something had changed a few days ago. Master’s happiness had been marred, leaving their flat in an everlasting cold and uncertainty. Master was there, but wasn’t there at all, and when Liam managed to coaxed him out of his numbness, Master was angry and edgy all the time.

So Liam did as he was told. He made himself useful and cooked Master’s dinner, but that barely helped their situation.

Liam had had many Masters and Mistresses in the past. He had done wonderful and terrible things under their commands; Liam remembered living at court, at some point, and waging war, and taking lives to please his bloodthirsty Mistress. Liam remembered that some of them were kind at times, some of them were forceful, some of them Liam had killed himself taking advantaged of loopholes.

But to all of them Liam had been a means to an end, a servant or a pet they treasured. None of them had offered Liam their name, much less the courtesy of free roam.

His new Master did. His new Master, who was always saying how awful and unkind he was, let Liam roam free outside his prison, had even allowed Liam outside if he wished to go somewhere while he was at school (not that Liam could, because he couldn’t go far without the box, but the thought was important) and had told Liam again and again to call him by name (no that Liam could, but again, it had been touching).

Liam liked his new Master. He was a good Master.

“But there is just so much I can do if you don’t make any wish, Master,” he sighed a last time before retreating to the kitchen. His Master had promised to come back early as well if Liam helped him to study for one of his test, which meant a late night and much needed snacks.

The situation was frustrating, but with his hands tied, Liam does as he was told and makes himself useful in the ways he can. It was double so, because for the first time since he could remember, he wished to be able to help his Master.

His Master, who hate people touching him and is sarcastic and loves tea to bits, is worthy of Liam’s powers. But Fate was never kind. Whereas other people had salivated at the sight of Liam’s powers, his Master shied away and had shouted at him for his hand at taking justice for the bullying he received.

Master may keep quiet about it, but Liam has seen him flinch at the word ‘wish’ so many times now.

Maybe Liam should have never told him that words had magic and intent, because then his Master wouldn’t be so ever cautious about his words, so ever restrictive with Liam’s magic. So fearful of the outcome.

At the sound of the door, Liam cheers up a little.

“Master ~~ ~~” he sighs, and rushes to the door. This, too, is something he can do to be useful. “Welcome home, Master!”

And Master is always a little bit happier after being welcomed back.
My feelings: amusedamused