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07 December 2016 @ 03:00 am
Comunidad: 31_days
Fandom: Axis Power Hetalia-ish?
Claim: England / Northern Ireland.
Tabla: 31 DAYS (December)
Name: Heaven Tells No Lies
Warnings: AU.Fem!France/Scotland; very, very, very AU so...that. Lot's of OCs. Neglect and sometimes body horror.
General Summary:Arthur is a college student who has just started his first semester as English Lit Major. Moving out and living all on his own is not as glamorous (nor as economic-wise) as people making it seems. Still, he's going against his parents' wishes and has to crawl his way in life. On the other hand, his half-sister Francine has just married a young Scottish businessman and, in a rare display of good faith, helped him find a cheap flat near college, and gave him an old-fashioned box Arthur thought was to keep his tea-leaves dry. Long story short:  he's stranded with the strange djinn that came out of the box and refuses to call him anything but 'Master' (which leaves Arthur facing very embarrasing situation on those occassions he takes Liam out). That should make things simplier, right? Well, this is Arthur Kirkland you're talking about. His life is anything but simple.

Okay this is not properly a table but what the heck, 'm aright?

1. I believe in the magic of words
2. the heart gets lighter after crying
3. Living the same moments, sharing the same dreams
4. We are the flowers of the future
5. If you flip it around it reads 'I love you'
6. Constellation of winter please give me strength
7. I won't hide my love anymore!
8. It's okay to say 'I love you!' from your heart
9. Everything will pass, but that's why it's beautiful
10. What will never / Ever fade / Are the sights / That made us who we are now
11. Rather than fortune, wasn’t it through great effort?
12. I thought I knew you better than anyone else
13. But instead of calling out, I would rather show you with love
14. Escape? No way!
15. Courage is needed to make the step from zero to one.
16. Let's make them! Wonderful new memories!
17. What will happen on the last page?
18. Open your eyes, and let out your wish once more
19. forge ahead to tomorrow
20. Even I have sleepless nights
21. We all suffered in order to make it here, right?
22. Ah ... This moment is everything
23. We won't compromise on the things we love
24. It's unfair, you know. I want to cry too.
25. Because what's important is spending time with you always
26. Even if it’s just for today, I want to be as brilliant as I can be
27. Somehow we managed to apologise without words
28. Even newborn birds will someday soar through the sky
29. It's my selfish desire, my painful wish
30. We'll regret it if we don't start right now
31. Goodbye to goodbye!
My feelings: draineddrained
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